Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Fairest Of Them All

Once upon a time there was a Princess named Lilly.  The Princess and her family ruled the Kingdom of Clarkland.

This princess had a magical power.  Whenever she smiled, she instantly made everyone in the Kingdom smile too. 

But one morning, Princess Lilly woke up without her smile.  The whole town was sad.  If the Princess didn't smile, no one would smile ever again.

The townsfolk tried everything to make her laugh. Princess Lilly tried and tried, but she could only make silly faces. 

They began to wonder if she would ever smile again.

The Princess was so sad she cried some more, making the whole town even more sad.

Until Queen Momma kissed her on the cheek and told her “No matter how happy or sad you may be, you will always make me smile.”  


And that made the Princess smile.

The end. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Month Two

You can fit your entire fist in your mouth...it scares me a little bit.

Nana was holding you one night while you were sleeping.  "I want to take you and run away to an island, where I will rock you and sing to you forever." She said.  It melted my heart to visibly see the strongest bond between you two. 

You wore a Dallas Cowboys onsie for Thanksgiving.  

Auntie shared the chocolate frosting off her cupcake with you. You loved it. 

We went to the "Witches Festival" Halloween celebration. I thought you would love the sights and colors. Instead, you slept through the whole thing.

Your love for windows and the boys increases every day, but the bathroom has lost its appeal.  

You enjoy the winter; you like cold weather and watching the fire. 

You can't keep the pacifier in your mouth, but you like to help me hold it for you. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Driving Miss Lilly

I'm still just as smitten by this little one as I was the day we brought her home.  She soaks up this world faster than a submerged sponge.  Her eyes are always on alert, using her toes, her tongue and everything in between as feelers to learn her new world.  

We've felt the wind on our face duh, we live in Wyoming, the sand on our toes, it's more of a dirt consistency and we've danced the night away at the best of concerts mom, dad and aunty don't really count but they try their best

We've cheered for football games, laughed at silly faces, made silly faces in return, baked almost every recipe involving pumpkin, watched Nana play tennis, helped Grandpa build a chicken coop, pooped on Aunty, did a couple modeling shoots, spent some time with cousin Ryan, and can sometimes take a nap alone.  

Oh, and drove a pink car.

November has been productive. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just A Few

Just a few things I’ve come to realize…
1.     The sacrifices I thought I made to have a child no longer seem like sacrifices.
2.     I respect my body.
3.     I respect my parents and love them in a completely new way.
4.     I find my baby’s pain feels much worse than my own.
5.     I believe once again in the things I believed in as a child.
6.     I’m constantly thinking of someones all day instead of somethings.
7.     Every day is a surprise.
8.     I look at my baby in the mirror instead of myself.
9.     I have become a morning person.
10.  My love has become limitless, as if a superhuman power.
11.  I don’t mind going to bed a 9pm on a Friday night.
12.  I realized that those 15 pounds I can’t seem to get rid of are totally worth having.
13.  I’ve discovered an inner strength I never thought I had.
14.  Where I was once afraid, I am now fearless. And where I was once fearless, I’m now afraid.
15.  Showering is a luxury.
16.  I’ve realized the love you can have for a complete stranger.
17.  The support I get from my family.
18.  Watching my husband become a father and feeling my love for him grow.
19.  If I didn’t believe in love at first sight before, I do now.
20.  I can have the most wonderful conversation using only vowel sounds.

Just a few things I don’t want to forget…
1.     My first word when I saw you was “baby”.
2.     How my mom had to tell me to touch you when they placed you on me. I was just in awe.
3.     Your daddy never left your side at the hospital.
4.     I found out your weight and length via facebook.
5.     You spent the first three weeks constantly in my arms.
6.     You learned to smile at four weeks.
7.     You like to sleep on your side.
8.     If you’re not sleeping, you have to be moving.
9.     Your favorite room is the bathroom. You love the shower curtain, the wall, and running water.
10.  You love the dancing flower to entertaining you during diaper changes. 

Birds Eye View

Every baby wears a Halloween costume, right? Wrong…mom didn’t dress me up. Some lame excuse like I was sleeping and she didn’t want to wake me up. I guess my dress was pretty cute though (not as cute as the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader I was supposed to be).  Halloween would have been a bit more interesting if I hadn’t of fallen asleep so early. I try so hard to stay awake and hang out but sometimes I just can’t help myself. I think I need more of a social life. 

Anyway, I’m six weeks or something and I’m pretty good at being a baby, or so I hear. I do all the regulars like eat, sleep and poop, but what I’m best at is making those big people smile.  I’m a pretty funny kid; I’m not going to lie.
So, I do this really cool “witching hour” thing, where I cry for a couple hours straight in the evening.  At first I did it because I hated watching the evening news (boring), but now I do it because it’s funny watching the bigs try all these ridiculous things to make me stop.  Bouncing on the bed is by far my favorite.  Once they even put me in this swing thing to try and fool me.  Nice try guys- like I can’t tell the difference between your arms and a hard plastic chair.  Jeeze.  Really though, it’s all my mom’s fault…she holds me all the time so when they put me down, I do what I gotta do to get what I want.  But for the past week or so I figured I’d cut them a break. So I cut back on the crying and just chill with them on the couch. It’s not so bad.

Rumor has it that most babies cry during the night; not I. I’ll stick to doing my thing around dusk and let the bigs sleep during no light time. If it works for them, it works for me.  I also hear that this eating thing can have its fair share of challenges too. But I just love that stuff too much to have any problems…except the gas thing. Not so cool. You know what is cool though? Showers. Showers are definitely cool.  Sure, baths were fun at first but showers…oh man. Now that’s something I could do all day.  Know what else I could do all day? Cuddle.

What else about me? I’m kind of bald on top, but they tell me I have long red hair in the back. I hear my daddy tell my momma how pretty she is, but I’m pretty sure he likes the short, chubby, bald type best. I am also very strong. I could hold my head up from the beginning and my grip is something fierce.  And word on the street is I’m a pretty good pooper.

So life on the outside isn’t so bad. I mean, I have a family that thinks I’m pretty swell, a 24 hour buffet, and all the attention a kid could ask for.  I’m digging this baby thing. 

Oh, and I make the best faces you ever did see.